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We Are

We ARE BARAKEH is a family owned and operated online travel company that is located in the south suburbs of CHICAGO. Our team is experts in various aspects of the travel industry and the TRAVEL technological advancements. BARAKEH founders have invested in research and development to provide you with latest cutting edge travel booking tools. Since BARAKEH specializes in international airline tickets, we have secret contracted FARES that we share with our customers.


Barakeh Travel is the first middle-eastern travel company in the world that has a travel chatbot on Facebook messenger with AI and machine learning technologies. Travel chatbots are becoming very popular in North America, especially on Facebook Messenger in 2017. Barakeh Travel Company is always ahead of the competition when it comes to technological advancements and adaptation. Barakeh Travel is the first Middle Eastern travel company in North America that has the flight grouping option, that combines different flight times for the same itinerary. We will always study the travel market for any new technology that comes out, so we can always be the first to adapt to it.


We strongly believe that everyone deserves to ESCAPE their busy life schedule TO any destination they desire FOR a discounted FARE.

MISSION Accomplished

We combine both Expert Human & High End Technology to accomplish our mission. Our TEAM are working behind the scene negotiating fares with all major international airlines to provide you with the best contracted fares that is displayed to you as SECRET DEALS.


- Excellent US based customer support available during US office hours.

- Service Quality Assurance that will contact you to make sure that you booked the right flight plan to avoid any future problems

- TEAM, that will work hard around the clock to negotiate fares with major Airlines. Then load them to our cutting edge travel booking engine.

Travel Chatbot, our latest technology on FaceBook Messenger. BARAKEH is one of the first companies to adapt to this newest way of booking. Simply, CHAT - CLICK - BOOK

Hotel Cash Back Incentive 4%. BARAKEH will give you up to 4% cash back on hotel booking after you complete your journey.